• Heradesign leads the way with clever acoustics 2015-02-20
    Heradesign leads the way with clever acoustics
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  • Heradesign proves it’s good for business2015-02-13
    Heradesign, from Knauf AMF Ceilings, has been specified in bold red and blue ceiling and wall coverings for four meeting booths in a newly refurbished 1950s building at London Business School.
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Suspended Ceiling Systems

The modern working environment has evolved over many years and lots of workplaces, institutions, establishments and organisations boast innovative, up to date and aesthetically pleasing surroundings in order to maintain a comfortable working environment for all. Suspended ceilings were initially designed to conceal unsightly building and construction elements such as wiring and pipework. This creates a professional, presentable space that provides a pleasant atmosphere for everyone.

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